PistenBully TrailBully:
Grooming the snowmobile trails in North America.

According to the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) there are currently over 200,000 miles of snowmobile trails in North America that have been developed by snowmobile clubs and associations. As noted by the ACSA, "snowmobilers have historically 'paid their own way' for the development and maintenance of snowmobile trail systems." Funding sources include snowmobile registration fees, trail permits, snowmobile user permits, voluntary work and snowmobile club fundraising. A portion of the funds are used to purchase equipment to groom the snowmobile trails.

Clubs and associations have to be very thoughtful when acquiring trail groomers. Funding is treated as a "scarce resource" therefore the trail groomer must be economical and dependable and provide many years of service. More and more often Kässbohrer's TrailBully tops this list. Why? It is a PistenBully through and through. Designed and engineered for just one purpose - grooming snowmobile trails. The drive train provides plenty of power to pull the big drags used to level the trails yet is thrifty when it comes to fuel consumption. Equipped with a rugged chassis and 5 axle independent heavy duty suspension the long wheel base of the TrailBully and the specially designed drawbar grant additional advantage when pulling drags. The high performance X Track provides traction in hard, icy snow conditions yet will not damage pavement when crossing roadways. Best of all. the Trailbully will provide years of dependable service.